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The Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is headquartered in Ontario. It was mainly started to provide the auto insurance to the citizens of USA and Canada. It offers the choice of selecting the right insurance package through their agents, website and other Allstate Customer Contact Centre.

The Allstate Insurance Company offer auto, home, travel, life and health insurance, as well as home security and mortgage related products. Automobile insurance is legally required in every province and territory. Actually the provincial legislation controls the insurance and how much and what has to be bought as a legal minimum. Allstate insurance provides the protection against losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents to the insuree vehicles. An insurance company may declare a vehicle totally destroyed if it appears replacement would be cheaper than repair.

It also provides the home insurance policy that combines various personal insurance protections which can include losses occurring to one's home, its contents, loss of its use, loss of other personal possessions of the homeowner, as well as liability insurance for accidents that may happen at the home. It also covers the loss or damage of ships, goods or property at sea. It typically compensates the owner of merchandise for losses sustained from fire, shipwreck, etc., but excludes losses that can be recovered from the carrier. The term abandonment is used to describe the surrender of the ship or goods insured to the insurers, in the case of a constructive total loss of the thing insured.

Their slogan is "You�re in Good Hands", describes their commitment and professionalism of Allstate's trusted advisory board to customers, making them one of world's strongest competitor in the Insurance sector.

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