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Health insurance covers all types of medical expenses and other charges associated with the medicals. And it is very important for you and your family. However, nowadays the medical expenses are going very high and at the time of emergency, like during serious illness or major injuries who would take care of your medical expenses. The alternative to this is going for the American Family Health Insurance.

American Family Mutual Insurance Company provides Medicare Supplement Insurance, if you go through this you can keep your family healthy. Medicare Supplement Insurance is the one which insure an individual purchases in Medicare, it was developed to provides protection for hospital benefits and outpatient services that Medicare does not fully cover and it is not an duplicate coverage.

However, American Family Health Insurance offers a selection of options which includes:

Major Medical Health Insurance Plans:
In this health insurance is designed to provide coverage for a large spectrum of health care services.

High Deductible Health Plan (HSA-qualified):
This category offers you and your eligible dependents a new and cost-effective way to pay for your health care.

Short Term Health Insurance:
This category provides limited period of health insurance.

Medicare Supplement Insurance:
Which insure an individual purchases in Medicare.

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Location Phoenix,Arizona
Type of Insurance Health Insurance
Date: 05-14-2008
Customer Services
I haven't had their health insurance for many years but have to say when I did, though husband's employer at that time, they were spectacular. They paid for things I wasn't even technically covered for when I had my son as it was an old hospital where there was air conditioning for the baby's but not the mothers. I did much of my own room cleaning etc so they paid for more than normally. They even did the circumcision on my son when it wasn't covered due to my inconvenience at the hospital. Unless they have drastically changed they were a really great health insurance company when I had it. I wish my husband's current employer had them!.
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