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The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies was founded in 1928 by Thomas E. Leavey and John C. Tyler as the Farmers Insurance Exchange in Los Angeles, CA, United States. At first only automobile insurance was only the part of the Farmers Group of Insurance Company but as the company grew home and commercial insurance were added in to the company. It is base in Los Angeles, California, and operates in 41 states across the country with the contribution of 18,000 employees.

The company is in the fourth place and it is the first company to give the discount to the holders of hybrid vehicles. The company helping point was recognized and certifies as call center for their efforts and extremely good customer service.The Farmers Insurance Group have the A rating by A.M.Best for its great work. This company also provides insurance in other fields like Flood insurance, business insurance, farmers auto insurance and health care professional liability insurance.

Farmers or the customers of the insurance company are given training by highly skilled staff in the field of state-of-the-art. The customers are treated with courtesy and respect. The Farmers Insurance has been growing in their business and is in the process of acquisition of other companies to increase its businessman company has been en leading in products like motor homes, trailers, mobile homes etc. and giving a better service. The company is working for over 55 modern department stores and for 8 home-centers in main areas across the country.

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