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The Liberty mutual insurance company is the one among top casualty insurers in the US and a top 10 provider of automobile insurance. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company is the parent company for the Liberty Mutual Group for insurance and it has three principal mutual insurance companies they are Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance and Employers Insurance Company of Wausau.
Liberty Mutual Insurance company guards worthfull possessions like home, vehicle, business and safeguards future of the coustomers. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company stands on different platform in the customer service by maintaining a long term relation with their customers. The company also offers homeowners insurance and commercial lines for all types of companies.

It is a group which diversifies global insurer by operating in 900 offices throughout the world. It Provides protection for home, auto and life insurance. The different products offered by it are Liberty Mutual Insurance Company's Auto insurance which makes more secured to the coustomers, and Mutual Home insurance offers free home insurance quotes, and also Life Insurance policy coverages can be obtained with Free insurance quotes for the life insurance of the coustomers.

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Location Lakewood,Pennsylvania
Type of Insurance Life Insurance
Date: 06-23-2007
Customer Services
I am not happpy I have had this policy for yrs since I was about 8 yrs old. However a few yrs back I let the policy lapsed and the representative that I had was really rude. After all the yrs that policy that I paid on they the company told me and kept asking for more money. The representative came right to my home. Anyway all those yrs and now I am 56 I have nothing I cant get ahold of anyone to explain what is going on. My mother had the same insurance. anyway all that money that I put into it just went down the tubes. Now I have nothing. What goes on here?.
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